Get your Coldbrew On 

Hi hi. I have a new obsession guys, cold brew coffee. It is so good and I am glad I discovered it. I never knew you could go out and buy it in the store until recently. 

I am probably late to the trend but whatever better late than never right?! Btw, the image I used is not mine either. But I have had the stumptown brand and it is yummy. 

The way I make my cold brew is with a splash of almond milk, some creamer and ice. It is perfect once made. I take it to go on my way to work and now I save myself money on getting coffee all the time for myself too. 

We all have one of those days where we can’t function without caffeine too. Most of my days are like that to say the least. Anywho, if you’ve had cold brew and have any recommendations on how to make it, let me know. Have a good day! Xx 

Wednesday Necessities


Hello my wonderful readers! Hope y’all are having a fantastic week. I can not believe it is already halfway over. I guess getting back from a mini vacay on Monday night made my week shorter too. Anyways, do you all remember my write up on Crane & Canopy? Well, I have some exciting news about that article.

Crane & Canopy actually featured my post on their blog about having the ultimate stay-cation! Super stoked about that! C & C had also linked up other awesome bloggers and write ups. The peach pie that is mentioned looks amazing so you’ll have to go and check it out for yourself. You can read all about it here:)  How to Have the Ultimate Summer Stay-cation

That is all. This post is short and sweet but I just wanted to keep you all updated in my bloggy world! xx


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