Tampa Bay on Cooking Channel: Beach Bites

Hi! If you all know anything about me then you should know I loveee watching anything about food. So half of my dvr is filled with cooking channel and food network. Why am I telling you this? 
Well because one of my favorite shows, Beach Bites with Katie Lee on cooking channel has been featuring restaurants from the Tampa area on her most recent episodes. It’s been pretty cool watching it and being so familiar of where she is eating at. 

Some of the restaurants featured have been from Clearwater to Gulfport to Saint Pete. Restaurants included The Bodega, Stella’s and more that I can’t even think of! The season just started so I’m sure she’ll show more of the Bay Area which is awesome for our lovely city. 

Tune in Thursday evenings at 10pm on cooking channel to see what other delicious tropical bites she has to show! 

What I’m loving: The Ranch 

Good morning loves! Hope you all are having a good weekend so far. It’s been nice and relaxing for me. Glad I can wake up on this Sunday and not have to do too much. Always nice for that on some days! 

Anyways, recently one of my favorite shows to watch is The Ranch. It’s a super funny show on Netflix based on an ex FSU football player so of course I had to watch it. I started it when the show first debuted and couldn’t get enough. 

They also have a pretty good cast with Sam Elliott, Ashton Kutcher, Elisha Cuthbert along with plenty more. Even some favorites from That 70s Show who make appearances along with being a main character too. Y’all will have to watch. 

But to sum up the show, they discuss life issues from losing a job, working with family, relationships, small town living, and even throw in some humor from events that are going on today. I mean with the cast and writers, you really can’t go wrong. Let me know if you have seen it or plan on watching it. The chemistry with the actors is pretty legit too. 

Have a great day today !! Xx