Southern State of Mind

Everyday is Caturday!

This weekend is coming to an end and I wanted to post something fun and not baking related for once. I wanted to introduce y’all to my cat, Pippa. Yes, I did name her after Pippa Middleton. I love everything about the Royal family and decided to make my cat semi royal. Is that even possible or a word, semi royal? Well if not, I just made it one.

it’s crazy how time flies by. It feels like yesterday when I just adopted Pippa. Now she’s around a year and a half old. I remember always wanting to get a cat from the first time I had watched Breakfast at Tiffany’s with Audrey Hepburn. Seeing Holly Golightly’s relationship with her cat named Cat had always gotten to me. Then finally one day after I moved back from college, I decided to go out and give an animal a home. I’ve loved every minute of having Pippa. There’s definitely never a dull moment with her.

Now here comes the foodie in me, I was possibly thinking of making a cat treat recipe and wanted to hear your thoughts on the idea. My cat literally follows me everywhere I go and will be crying for my attention if I leave her for one second. Even when I’m even trying to bake in the kitchen for my blog or just dinner for myself. So I guess you can consider her my catastic little helper. Do you have a pet? What kind, dog, cat, turtles?! I would love to hear from you!



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