Southern State of Mind

Beachin’ It, Victoria’s Secret Style

Recently, I had just purchased new Victoria’s Secret beauty products. You can never go into that store and not buy something. I am too obsessed with anything and everything that has the label VS on it. I knew I wanted to buy beach merchandise since summer is around the corner.

A couple of items that I had gotten were a beach spray for my hair and a tanning lotion. Beach sprays are always tricky especially if you have thick and wavy hair like mine. But I wanted to try it out anyways. The spray worked well and it made my hair wavy and somewhat curly too. Although my hair is already pretty wavy on its own, it made it even more textured than it already was. I would have to wear a small hair clip just to control my hair but other than that, it did its job!

Tanning is an essential in our lives nowadays. Especially since it is that time of year to start prepping bikini bodies for the summer sun. I have always liked being in the outdoors working on my tan so I wanted to try a tanning lotion that wouldn’t leave me too dark or orange.

The only other time I have tried a lotion was the Kardashian line which I learned is way too dark for my pale self. That is what led me to Victoria’s Secret. The sales associates were very helpful and even showed me what the lotion looked like on. It doesn’t leave a weird color or lotion feeling on your skin but instead is a tad bit glittery and light.

I have been putting it on every night and I have noticed some more color on my skin and that it really works! It took a few days but the color gradually started to appear. If you’re looking for a good product that isn’t too pricey then you should check out this one. Hopefully this helped you if you’re looking for that summer glow!



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