Southern State of Mind

Bloggers I Love

Over the past couple years, we have been following a few bloggers. Some of them have helped us with inspiration for our website as well. In particular, we love these fellow women for their style and uplifting posts. Hope you go visit their sites and see what all the fuss is about from us!

Bows and Sequins 

Jessica Sturdy is a fashion blogger who is originally from Chicago but now resides in NYC. I just love her lifestyle and daily outfit posts. Hopefully one day, I can meet her sweet personality!


Classy Girls Wear Pearls 

Sarah Vickers. I have no words. I have been following her for the past couple of years and just love her preppy style on the east coast. I wish had her wardrobe. Did I mention that she is engaged to Kiel James Patrick? Perfect couple.


The College Prepster 

Carly Heitlinger is the brains behind this blog. I have been reading her articles and tips since I was in college. How ironic! I have always loved her upbeat attitude especially in her weekly newsletters. They always end my week on a good note. Considering, we are pretty close in age, we both have a lot in common from jobs to adjusting to post graduate life.



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