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Delicious Restaurants in NYC

I have been to New York City three times for several occasions. Once being for New Years Eve, an FRLA trip during my time at FSU and one other time to visit my sister who was working at Vanity Fair. I love visiting NYC but I do not think I could handle living there especially if I am more of a beach bum.

One aspect of New York that I adore is their wonderful food along with the shopping. There are tons of establishments you can go to. You can never run out of a spot to eat at either. Every corner has something different. If you’re in the mood for Asian, American, something fast, you will never run into an issue with being able to choose a spot to munch at.

A few of my favorite restaurants would have to be Cafe Lalo, Crumbs Bakery, Serendipity, Bobby Flay’s Bar Americain, and Shake Shack. They are all unique in their own ways.

Cafe Lalo 

This little cafe had such tasty and amazing desserts. I wanted to take all of it with me. My parents, sister and I all split like six desserts, no joke! There weren’t any leftovers either. The service was great as well. Fun fact, one of my favorite movies, You’ve Got Mail was filmed here! Myself being obsessed with Meg Ryan since I was like ten just had to go for that one reason. Anyways, if you’re in the area, you should really check out Cafe Lalo.


Shake Shack 

Second stop is Shake Shack. First off, who doesn’t love a good shake, fries and burger?! No I am not talking about Steak and Shake down the street because this is way better! The lines are always out the door whenever I have been there. In my one trip, my sister and I went almost three times just because it was that great. The service is normal and they don’t take too long with the food. It is baked fresh and worth the wait. I also read about Danny Meyer in my classes at Florida State for my major in Hospitality so after learning on how he started the business, I wanted to go in and see it for myself.


Crumbs Bake Shop

This is a must when in NYC. The cupcakes are so scrumptious. Everything is amazing in this bakery. I had gotten a Peanut Butter cupcake that was just to die for. I love reese’s and peanut butter so I knew I had to get it!


Serendipity 3

Besides the three hour or more waits, you better walk around the city and burn those calories before and after you go into this lovely restaurant. I have a cookbook, tried their food a couple times or should I say desserts and just absolutely think it’s the greatest place ever. When you walk in, the decor makes you feel like a child again with the way it is set up with the weird clocks and designs. We had gotten their frrrozen hot chocolate and the forbidden broadway sundae if I remember correctly. We also should’ve only gotten one of the two since they are huge but whatever it was totally worth it!


Bar Americain 

Lastly but not least, is one of Bobby Flay’s restaurants.I have loved watching Bobby Flay on the Food Network over the years so when I found his restaurant in NYC, I had to go. It was so worth it even though if it cost an arm and a leg…The dessert and entree no words can even describe. I had gotten the halibut and red velvet cake which I recommend trying. Cheers to one of my favorite gingers, Bobby!


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