Southern State of Mind

Favorite Instagrams

Are you as addicted to Instagram as we are? There’s always something to look at on this little entertaining social media app. Some of our favorite bloggers, boutiques and celebrities are even on here to make our lives a tad more interesting each day. Here are some accounts we frequent often. Let us know your thoughts and who your favorite account holder is!

Elle Fowler. I’ve been following her blog for the past couple of years. She’s always upbeat, happy and has great posts about fashion, make up and her cat. I love cats since I have a cat so we obviously have that in common! Her instagram handle is @missellefowler


Blair Fowler. She is actually Elle’s younger sister. Another beauty blogger but she always has something interesting to share. Her dog is adorable as well!


EleventhGorgeous. These two are sisters who do youtube videos weekly. I love their positive and outgoing attitude on every day life. Tracy and Stefanie always have a new and exciting tutorial to watch. The past couple years following them has been so great and I’ve learned a lot about certain make up products too.


Skinny Fat Girl Diary. These three girls are super fun and have great ideas they write about. They have columns about hair, make up, fashion to food. Obviously we love all of it especially the food!



Lastly but not least, our last pick of the day is The Sorority Secrets. As being both alum of sororities from college, their posts are always nice to look at and reminisce about the good old social and date function days. They have pictures from outfits of the day to other sorority girls and their chapters doing amazing things. If you were or are a sorority a girl, you should follow them!


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