Put Some Prep in Your Step

Festival Season

I have always loved going to concerts and I may have been to too many but the tailgates, live performances and atmosphere are too great to pass up! Now, I finally have the chance to go to my first music festival. I’ve been wanting to go for the longest time and now I can. Luckily, there is one coming to my hometown, Tampa. I am super excited to go to the Guava Music Festival in just a short couple weeks. A couple bands I just can not pass up on seeing would be Grouplove and Foster the People. I have been listening to them the past several years and just love their alternative genre of music.

There are a few parts to a festival, the music, food, activities, and outfits of course. Nowadays, I can not go onto social media without seeing at least one person at a festival. They are in several different cities and states with so many types of artists. We have Bonnaroo, Guava, Hangout, Coachella, Wanee and so many more.

Lastly, the wardrobe at these things are usually pretty eccentric and trendy. This obviously makes me want to purchase a new blouse and the whole shabang. But I really don’t need to…says no girl ever. I found a few ensembles that I fell in love with. They are from a few bloggers who I follow which consist of too many!

The first outfit is Chiara Ferragni from The Blonde Salad then it’s Shea from Peace Love Shea and lastly, Lauren Butler who has amazing style, works for Pura Vida and has her own boutique, Shop Van de Vort which has amazing clothes!

Have you been to a festival? What band did you look forward to seeing? Let me know! xx



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