Southern State of Mind

Football in the South

As everyone knows, football is a pretty big deal in the south. Well at least college football is. Every Saturday, we wake up and start tailgating for breakfast. If you’re a girl, then you know you have to dress perfectly in your university’s colors. The weekend before, you most likely already have your outfit planned out along with where you’re tailgating at. Tailgating is a must whether it be with sorority sisters at a fraternity house or just on a truck bed with some friends. All you need are the right accessories, cooler, coozie and perfect wardrobe to go along with you watching your team beating your rival of course! I found a few items that I absolutely love and would like to purchase for this fall. One is a dress from Loli & The Bean in Tallahassee, FL. Even though it is in garnet and gold, you can still purchase other school colors preferably the gators since it’s close enough to the area. Lastly, I found a boutique on etsy named Let it Be Boutique. She makes everything from scarves to hats to coozies. I particularly adore this hat and scarf I came upon. Even though it is not for my alma mater, Florida State, she can accommodate your needs and create it for most universities. The prints and patterns are too cute to pass up and I knew I just had to share them. Now too bad we have to wait another five months until football season…what am I supposed to do until then?!



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