Put Some Prep in Your Step

Summer Accessories

It is almost May and that being said, it’s basically summertime here in Florida. Before it actually gets to that time of being in the sun 24/7, on the beach, and all that jazz, every girl preps herself to find the perfect wardrobe, accessories and healthy habits beforehand.

One of my favorite accessories I discovered a year or so ago are Pura Vida bracelets. They have so many choices for bracelets, beanies, phone cases and more. The store has bracelets for charities, diseases, and greek life. Pura Vida donates a proceed of your purchase as well to the cause of the bracelet. Every bracelet purchased helps provide full time jobs for local artisans in Costa Rica. I love how they give back to others while you are wearing a stylish piece of jewelry.

It is a beach and boho kind of style so it is perfect for to wear during spring and summer time or whenever really. I have a whole collection for myself that I have gotten over the year. These bracelets can be addicting and just about anything on their site. Do you have a favorite accessory? What’s your go to store? Let us know! xx


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