About S & S

Behind S & S

A little more about me { Lauren }

I was born and raised here in the south and have always had a sweet spot for that southern hospitality. Traveling along with my family growing up for business trips had opened up my eyes to different types of hotels, restaurants and anything the new city has to offer that we were staying in. I enjoyed hospitality so much that I even majored in it at Florida State University. After graduating in 2012, I started to follow other bloggers that pertained to my interest in food, travel and hospitality. I really enjoyed what they had to say so I decided to start my own blog in 2013. I honestly had NO clue what I was doing but it was fun to post about different recipes I made or whatever I was up to. Looking back, not going to lie, I did delete some photos I took and posts because now I was like man what was I thinking?! But it’s so funny to see how I began!

After my first year of blogging, I learned more on what my niche was and who my demographic was as well. I then decided my website was going to be a lifestyle site. And now here I am and I am so grateful and happy on how my little baby of a blog has taken off and become something I really enjoy doing on the side over the years. Maybe it will turn into something more or maybe not. Either way, I highly appreciate YOU for taking the time to get a piece of my life each time I write. Here’s to many more years! xx



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