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Why Lauren Conrad is One of My Style Icons

Over the years, Lauren has made a name for herself in the fashion industry. We all know her as “LC” from Laguna Beach and The Hills. After many years of reality television, Lauren decided to step away from all the drama and cameras to have others see her in a different light.

Today, she has two fashion lines, a blog and several books. Lauren is always up to date with all of the current trends whether it is her discussing it in an article or her own writing. I personally love her clothing line at Kohl’s. Lauren’s pieces are girly, affordable and comfortable. Maybe one of these days, I can splurge on a piece from Paper Crown!

In the public eye, Lauren is always poised and presenting herself nicely. There is never a negative vibe around her and she is always a down to earth person. Just like her personality we know of, her outfits are always fun, sweet and colorful. Oh and did we mention how her makeup is always spot on?! I would love for her to show us how it is always perfect!

We believe our beloved LC is a wonderful entrepreneur, fashionista, blogger, and writer. Now, she’s non stop appearing on magazine covers, ads and so much more! Let us know what you think of Lauren and her style inspirations. Who’s your style icon? Is it Lauren or is it Audrey Hepburn? Let us know in the comments, we love to hear from y’all!




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