Southern State of Mind

The Belles of Bluebell

One of my favorite shows, Hart of Dixie sadly just had their season finale.  I have been obsessed with Hart of Dixie ever since the season premiere a couple years ago. It is funny, cute, and somewhat relatable. Of course, I had to watch it since Summer Roberts aka Rachel Bilson was casted for a character.

There are several things I adore from this series which include the fashion, the set and actors. Rachel and Jaime do a great job at their characters and resemble the south pretty well. It is great watching their chemistry as friends develop throughout the show too.

Zoe, a doctor from New York moves to a small town in Alabama and learns how to go from a city girl to a small town. She has trouble with relationships, family and friends. From falling in love with the wrong person or expressing feelings at a bad time, this is the story of her life and mine.

We all make mistakes and learn and grow from them as a person. Whether it be an embarrassing moment or the worst decision you’ve made, it all happens for a reason. This past season, when Zoe’s cousin dates Wade, even though she is in a new relationship, she does not even have true feelings for him. Zoe does not realize it but she still has feelings for Wade.

Of course she does not want to believe her gut feelings for Wade until the VERY LAST EPISODE. I am sure that all of us have been here at one point in our lives.

Lemon is also a hot mess herself. Similar to Zoe with the love department, on trying to find the right gentleman to high family expectations, she has a lot on her plate.

Being a part of the Breeland name, Lemon is always pressured to represent her family in a positive manner. If she makes the tiniest mistake then somehow the whole town finds out and judges her for it.

Not every show on television is far from reality as we think. There are some scripts that are similar to our every day lives. This is how I can actually relate to Hart of Dixie and some of the scenarios on the show. I can not wait for next season and what they have in store for us. Fingers crossed for Zoe & Wade and maybe even Lemon & George?! What are your thoughts? Can you relate to some characters on your favorite shows or even HOD?


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