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A Review of The Body Book

You’re probably wondering why I am writing about a book that promotes healthy eating and exercising when most of my blog is about desserts?! Well for starters, I  want to have a healthier lifestyle and start baking sweets that are good for your body and not just sugar.

In this lovely piece of literature, I have gained so much knowledge about my body and how to be healthier and happier in life.  Cameron puts to use many sources to gather information to make this whole thing possible. The book is not about dieting or how you should starve yourself to look like the next Kate Moss.


It simply explains how your body works, nutrition, food, your mind and so much more. Diaz is very helpful on explaining every little detail from just being active while making toast to how you feel not so great just from a latte.

While reading, I actually highlighted and took notes for myself. I am not just going to put it with my pile of books and not be proactive with what I learned. I will go to the store, get fruits, veggies, kales, fish, etc. I will start a workout plan and stick to it for more than two days.

One morning, I want to wake up and feel refreshed and have energy for the day. I want to feel happier with myself and my body. If you eat poorly then you’re going to feel not so great. If you have a latte with milk, it could give you a stomachache. But if you change it to soy milk, it could work wonders. Just one of the many tips, I learned from Diaz.

Diaz is REALLY helpful in the nutrition department as well. Half the time, I had no idea what I was reading for the nutrition labels on the food I was purchasing. In my mind, carbs were bad, sugar was bad, everything was bad except vitamins. I did not even know there were added sugars to the regular sugar in certain products! The Body Book introduces you to every term possible related to your body and defines it in a normal way and not in some science term or terms that you will not understand.  Lastly, everything written in Diaz’s book, all ties together from your body to mind to food to exercise, etc.

I hope you found this helpful and hopefully go out and get the book for yourself. You may not even like it. It is not for everyone but hey at least I tried! I have always been a fan of Cameron Diaz ever since I saw her in The Mask when I was like I don’t know 10 years old?! I guess time does go by quickly! That was just one of the logics on why I made this purchase. Let me know what you think and if you like the book!



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