Southern State of Mind

5 Things That Make Me Happy

I wanted to get us all through the week by sharing a few things that make me happy. I would love to hear from you on what gets your spirits up!

1) Reading. Getting lost in a story for a couple hours or even a few minutes at a time can change a mood from being gloomy to becoming happy. It also can be fun to get lost into another world for the time being.


2) Baking is a good way for me to take things off my mind or just making something for friends or family. I love coming up with my own recipes and watching anything on tv that has to do with food. Plus you get something sweet out of it for yourself!


3) Traveling. I have been traveling to different cities and states since I was wee little one. I think it is great to learn about different cultures and explore the background of each country, city or state. Even if that means going to the beach that is 10 minutes from your house, it is still a great staycation for the day that’s super relaxing! I have been as far as Europe to as close to home in the Florida Keys.


4) Watching t.v. shows is one of my favorite pastimes. It is relaxing and gets to take my mind off things. A few of my go to’s would have to be: The OC, The Hills, Mad Men, Walking Dead, and Psych. When Psych had their series finale, yes I did get a little teary eyed because those characters made laugh or put me in a good mood when I was having a not so great day!


5) Lastly but not least, spending time with family and friends would have to be the one thing that makes me happiest. Family will always be there for you throughout your worse moments and your best. Although, friends come and go but family is forever. You always have to cherish friendships and surround yourself with friends who will lift you up when you’re down and not turn their back on you. I have a few friends who I can call or talk to every day and we can have the most pointless conversation or a serious one. I’ll leave you with one of my favorite quotes from my favorite book/movie, The Help. You really are smart, kind and important and you deserve to have the best circle of friends and family by your side!



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