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Favorite Summer Sandals

Favorite Summer Sandals
I wear flats 95% of the time so I thought I should share with you all some of my favorite ones.
I’ll start with the Jack Rogers and these are obviously a must to own. They are pretty comfortable and I also have several pairs.
I love my Tory Burch whether it is for accessories or shoes. I have been wanting these pair of sandals for so long and maybe I will splurge on them with a paycheck soon!
 I recently came upon these Aerosoles wedges and they seem adorable to wear for brunch or even a night out.
Toms are just plain comfortable and cute at the same time. Perfect for either the beach or a casual work day. These American ones are great for the 4th of July, Memorial Day or any time since our freedom should be celebrated every day in ‘Merica!
Lastly, Chacos. I have no idea what the trend is with these but now I am kind getting into them? But in all black since those would go with everything. What are your thoughts on Chacos?
Let me know your favorite sandals for summertime or just in general! xx

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