Southern State of Mind

What To Do This Summer

This summer I wanted to accomplish a few things and have fun while doing them. Why not be productive during this time of year instead of just lounging around?!

  1. Get in shape and attempt to do exercises every day
  2. Eat healthier and more clean
  3. Try to bake food that has less sugar and fats
  4. Be toned and fit for my vacation to the Bahamas
  5. Pay off my credit card..huge pat on my back if I do that within the next couple months!
  6. Go to as many free concerts as I can
  7. Become tan and layout at the beach with loads of sunscreen of course
  8. Spend time with friends who are home for summer from college
  9. Celebrate America on the 4th of July with family and friends
  10. Have my apartment all decorated and settled with my belongings before the end of summer
  11. Add on more to this lovely blog of mine! Stay tuned !!
  12. Quality time with my Grandparents
  13. See my soon to be newborn of my cousin in just a couple weeks..SUPER EXCITED!!
  14. Cook myself healthy breakfasts, lunches, and dinners
  15. Cut down on fast food except for Chic Fil A…I mean they’re just too good to stop going there!
  16. Get a second tattoo.
  17. Have super blonde hair right in time for my birthday in the fall and for some football
  18. Prep for a fantasy football league I’m planning on joining this year with a couple of my best friends
  19. Go on a trip with some friends to a city in Florida we all have not been to
  20. Try surfing and paddleboarding again
  21. Finish my books that are on my bookshelf
  22. A little far off but make awesome New Year’s Eve plans
  23. Stay in touch with friends who are long distance

Do you have any special plans for this summer? Any family trips or mini vacay with some friends? What’s on your to do list? xx


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