Put Some Prep in Your Step

Bon Voyage!

As I am getting ready for my own vacation starting this weekend, I wanted to share with you a few things that I will be taking along with me.  I’ll be in the Bahamas so of course half of my belongings will be sundresses, sandals, and bathing suits. I am super excited about getting away for awhile and not being around technology. It will be nice to not be attached to my phone 24/7.

A few of my necessities for this trip would have to be this lovely Kate Spade hat, bag, Victoria’s Secret bikini, and Emily Giffin’s new book. I can not wait to get use out of this hat. I only have ball caps so I’m glad I finally get to try something different.  I also purchased the hat and bag on sale which is a double bargain! I think this purse is perfect for the beach because of the knots as handles and design. Plus isn’t it a darling accessory?!

If you’re traveling this summer, hope you have safe travels and a wonderful time!!

P.S. I’ll be posting tons of pictures when I get back to share with y’all. How could I not while visiting clear waters, sand, sun and relaxation 😉

Kate Spade Hat  Kate Spade Bag   VS Bikini  (Similar Style)  Emily Giffin’s Book 




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