Put Some Prep in Your Step

Lilly Pulitzer Sale

I know I just did a post but I am catching up. I am super behind on posting since I was on vacation for a couple of weeks. Tonight is the only night I will bombard you with two in a row!! But hey, at least I am letting you know about a sale that is going on until tomorrow or I guess tonight already. My days are so mixed up lately! 

Anywho, i wanted to share with y’all what I purchased from the Lilly sale. They have great deals going on and the prices are a good range from $29-$69 for most items. I got myself a couple of dresses since I could live off of them if I really wanted to…

Here is the link for the online sale: Lilly Pulitzer 

I actually purchased this Calhoun Scoop Dress before the sale but I love the lace and color of it. Pretty comfortable as well. 


I can not wait to get try this navy and print dress as soon as it comes in the mail! The shift dress is so intricate and I love the pattern. The navy dress is perfect for special occasions or even mass with the family. 

Janice Shift Dress


Alden Lace Tunic Dress





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