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Tie Dye Never Goes Out of Style

Remember growing up in the 90s and how tie dye was so popular and cool? Well it’s been making a comeback and I love it. I mean I’ve always enjoyed wearing dye so why stop now?! I’ve had this maxi skirt for the past couple years and I just adore it. 

It is great for summer time and perfect for wanting to be a beach bum for the day. One of my favorite brands is Billabong and half of my closet belongs to them. But that’s what happens when you grow up by the beach! 

 IMG_5012 IMG_5022   IMG_5030   IMG_5037 

It was a little hard to get a good picture with my eyes open considering the sun decided to be super bright out that day! I also had a little bit of fun improvising if you couldn’t tell…

Do you have anything tye dye? What’s your favorite memory from your childhood? xx

Black Top (similar) // Maxi Skirt (similar) // Jewelry (gifted) 

P.S. This skirt I found is on sale. So you got in luck, if you decide to purchase it! 


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