Southern State of Mind

27 Before Turning 27

I can NOT believe that my birthday is already a few weeks away. It feels like it was just the beginning of the new year not too long ago! I had gotten this idea from a fellow blogger, Duchess of Plumewood. I thought it was super cute and a fun idea to write about and attempt to complete in the next year.

If you didn’t already guess it, I’ll be turning 26 in October. I wanted to make a little bucket list for myself to do throughout the upcoming year. Hopefully I can check them all off!

  1. Finish ALL of my books on my bookshelf
  2. Try yoga for the first time
  3. Bake more healthy desserts
  4. Go to a cooking class
  5. Learn how to shoot at a range
  6. Plan a time to go on a hunting trip with my dad…yes hunting. That would be a first for the both of us as well!!
  7. Win my fantasy football league 😉
  8. Attend the National Championship for College Football (only if FSU is in it to win it!!)
  9. Exercise more often
  10. Travel more to places I haven’t been to
  11. Eat out at new restaurants
  12. Think more positively each and every day
  13. Fix up the blog –> gain more followers and update site layout
  14. Visit the new Harry Potter World
  15. Have reunions with friends from college
  16. Cook up some more recipes from cookbooks in the kitchen
  17. Attempt a juice cleanse at the beginning of each month
  18. Live a more balanced life –> motivation from a fellow blogger, The Balanced Blonde 
  19. Work on my insomnia and attempt to get a full 8 hours of sleep {hence me posting this after midnight during the week….}
  20. Pay off my credit card {This has been on my to do list for SO long now!!}
  21. Manage my finances better
  22. Invest in stocks {wallstreet obsessed over here!}
  23. Post on the blog at least twice a week
  24. Stay in touch with positive friends
  25. Create more recipes of my own
  26. Learn to line dance
  27. Lastly, live each day like it was my last

Do you have a birthday coming up? How are you spending it? Would love to hear from you all!! xx



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