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Sports Fanatic: NFL Style

If you follow us on Instagram, then you know we like, I mean LOVE our football. Both Kiera and I are in a fantasy football league together for the first time. Although, we are still figuring out all the details on how the league works, we are enjoying it very much!

I personally have a great time dressing up for game days whether it is for college or pro football. I recently came upon a pretty nifty online store, Fanatics that caters for your game day essentials. Here is a look at an ideal game day outfit for me to wear to a Broncos game. Yes, I am from Tampa but I have always been a fan of Peyton Manning growing up. I still like my Bucs though!

thumb.aspx2P0158.967.a.zoom                                              G0008J67

TB_31148503_210_B                  thumb.aspx

Shop this look following these links below:

Broncos Jersey // Vineyard Vines Denim // Purse // Tory Burch Boots // Broncos Can Cooler

Here’s a fun video to leave you with. Just my favorite brothers, Peyton and Eli! Happy football days and tailgating!!

Don’t forget to check out Fanatics NFL jerseys
for your go to sportswear!

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