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Style Obsession: Men’s Watches

I recently came upon a great website, Invaluable. It is one of the world’s largest online auction marketplaces. They have a variety of merchandise to shop from as well. This isn’t good if you’re a shopaholic like myself because you can spend awhile just browsing items…

I put together an outfit that I believe goes along with this men’s watch that happens to be Cartier. Of course, I would pick a big ticket watch. I love the classic look, band and colors of it. Whoever said girls can’t wear men’s watches are wrong. I think we could pull it off every once in awhile if you ask me!

jd048lov_ofb_8         H18863-L64625934

TB_31148458_001          victoria-beckham-mini-satchel-leather-shoulder-bag

Since the holiday season is approaching, I decided to add a little gold into this lovely ensemble. I love this adorable little black dress that is simple yet comfortable. Then I paired it along with these gorgeous Tory Burch heels and Victoria Beckham satchel. Victoria has been one of my icons since I was like ten which all started in the Spice Girls era. I never stopped looking up to her as an entrepreneur, marrying a star soccer player and of course looking fabulous all the time!

Let me know what your favorite watch from invaluable is and how you would style it. Love you all and hope you’re having a great week!!

Shop this look: Billabong Dress // Invaluable Men’s Watch // Tory Burch Heels // Victoria Beckham Satchel

Check out Invaluable’s men’s watches and you might even find your significant other a Christmas gift 😉


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