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How To Maintain Your Southern Charm In The Big City

Originally published on Total Sorority Move
Originally published on Total Sorority Move

As a girl who likes her tea sweet, out of a mason jar, and with a shot of whiskey, I know what it’s like to move north to start a career. It’s rough. You feel out of place. And you’re desperate to hear the word “y’all.” For all the girls out there thinking of trading in their cowboy boots for a pair of Jimmy Choos, here are a few tips on how to maintain your southern charm in the big city.

1. When It’s Snowing and You Want to Hate Everybody
It may be below 20 degrees outside, there’s road salt on your new snow boots, and there’s no way you’ll be able to maintain your signature year-round tan with no sun, but try not to stress. At least your hair looks amazing. Curls totally keep in cold weather and your pores are smaller than they’ve ever been. Ten beauty points for the southern belle.

2. When People on The Subway/Metro Don’t Smile or Say Hello
There are no cheerful “Hi, how are y’all doing?” or “Good morning!” greetings most days–just silence and blank stares. I mean, you get why they’re angry. Where you’re from, public transportation is not only a last resort, but also a guaranteed trip to Creeperville. And since nobody in the city seems to take his or her own truck car anywhere, you decide to join these people each morning during rush hour with a smile on your fully-done face. The only person who’s seen you out the house without lipstick or eyeliner is your Big, and you don’t plan on adding to that list. Plus, not only are you making the room look much better by showing off your perfect smile and makeup, you’re doing your skin a favor. Frowning totally causes wrinkles and your mama taught you better than that.

3. When People Look at Your Outfit Like It’s Not Perfect
Yes, you’re wearing pastels in the fall. While the rest of the corporate world insists on blacks, blues, and grays, you’re going in a completely different direction. Lilly, Betsey, and Tory would be so proud! Just wave and smile as they stare. And don’t forget to pose, just in case they want to take a picture.

4. When Men Don’t Open The Door For You
For the longest time, you thought everyone understood that if you’re walking toward a closed door, it’s the job of the closest male to open that door for you. Apparently in the city, if the door doesn’t open itself, it’s up to you to take care of that. The pro to this? At least the people behind you will have the opportunity to get a good look at your manicure. Is this the most perfect shade of pale pink you’ve ever seen, or is it the most perfect shade of pale pink you’ve ever seen?

5. When You Don’t Get Excused from Work for Football Games
Clearly they don’t understand that your granddaddy would be rolling in his grave if he knew you weren’t watching your alma mater whoop ass in SEC or ACC football. Instead, your boss has explained to you that a football game isn’t considered a “valid excuse” when it comes to missing work. But if your granddaddy taught you anything, it’s that rules are made for breaking, and your “twisted ankle” is best taken care of by being elevated on a stool at your favorite sports bar while the game is on. As long as none of your co-workers see any of your Tweets, that “fall” you took last night will turn out to be a win/win situation.

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