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The “Skinny Arm” Pose: Nothing New


Listening to a topic being discussed this morning by The Kane Show on Hot 99.5 on my way to work sort of made me go, wait, what? And I’ll explain my frustration, thoroughly, so don’t worry. The deal is this. People are going like ape-shit B-A-N-A-N-A-S over girls posing in photos doing what has been so cleverly pegged as, the “Skinny Arm” pose. Folks are calling it the new “Duck Face” and saying that girls should stop doing it. I’m calling total SHENANIGANS on this. For one, because nothing, and I mean nothing, will ever be the train wreck that was the “Duck Face”. And two, calling the “Chicken Wing” pose new is like calling the Butterfly the Tootsie-Roll . They are clearly two different things, haven’t you heard the song?…I’m getting off topic here. Just let me hit y’all with some knowledge based on clear evidence and blow this topic wide open. Read on 🙂

Above you will see a picture of me at 7 years old, most dramatically hitting the “Skinny Arm” pose. You betta werk 7 year old me. And right next to that picture, you will see another picture of me, but this time I’m 21 years old sporting the “Chicken Wing” pose again! What do these two photos have in common? Besides the obvious of course. Aaaah, I know, neither of them were taken this year! One was taken in 1997 and the other in 2011.

“So hold on just a second, because I’m confused. Isn’t the “Skinny Arm” pose so 2013-2014?”

Well, according to this blog on Allure.com it’s a new epidemic that is taking social media by storm and not in a good way. But as far as I’m concerned, no. It totally isn’t. This “Skinny Arm” pose that has sparked so much interest as a “new fad” these past few months isn’t new at all. I mean, either I’m a time traveler or these people are straight tripping over something that is so yesterday’s news. I think the latter.

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