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Foodies Everywhere…New Obsession: TheBesty

Hi y’all! Hope you’ve been having a great Thanksgiving holiday with family and friends!! Can NOT believe it’s already the holiday season. Speaking of, I already did some shopping late last night after our feast of food..which is insane! I do not think I have ever participated in such craziness.

We all love food and especially me after the meal I had last night! I love trying new restaurants, bakeries or even a different type of entree during a night out. Awhile back, we joined TheBesty which is a great site where you can list your favorite restaurants, store a wish list of restaurants you would like to eat at, and see other recommendations from fellow foodies. It’s pretty awesome if you ask me!

In the past week, our blog was featured in a blog post on their site. We would also love to hear from you on what some of your favorite restaurants are! Let us know in the comments below!!

P.S. I feel even more STUFFED talking about more food after consuming so much of it yesterday!! How about you all? Hope you enjoyed that turkey…gobble gobble 😉

Sweet & Southern featured on TheBesty:

Personal Page with our favorite restaurants:


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