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Workout Wardrobe—> Fabletics

Hi babes! I recently discovered Kate Hudson’s new workout line she is a co-founder of, Fabletics. It’s always hard to find good deals on any type of clothing especially for working out. Some can be overpriced or just not great quality. Well her lovely online business is just the opposite.

All you have to do to get started is to take a lifestyle quiz so they can get the right style of workout outfits put together, then you have two options to become a regular or VIP member. A regular member would be just coming and going with shopping and purchasing an item whenever you would like to. VIP would be a monthly purchase with some extra savings along the way.

Speaking of shopping, I’m looking into making my first purchase soon since I’m running out of gym clothes and recently got into yoga. Yoga will definitely need a whole set of it’s own wardrobe!

Some of my favorite looks:

FL141104-2_577x866 FL141119-2_577x866

What’s your go to workout scene? Do you have a favorite outfit to wear to break a sweat in?




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