You're As Sweet As Pie

RareSweets Now at City Center in Washington, D.C.!


“RareSweets® is a DC-based dessert company that is reinterpreting many of America’s heirloom baking recipes. We are modernizing cakes and desserts that may have been forgotten in today’s world of instant and easy. We bring new life to forgotten flavors, and add seasonality to tried and true baked goods. Farm-to-table eating has become quite prevalent in our restaurants, but what about dessert? That’s where we come in!”

I don’t know about you guys, but I have a sweet tooth like no other! And just like every other McKinnie I know, we LOVE LOVE LOVE fresh homemade ice-cream. So when I found out that RareSweets was coming to City Center, which is conveniently located across the street from my office building, I knew that I had to stop by and see what all of the hype was about. Needless to say, I was extremely impressed not only by their baked goods and sweets, but also by the atmosphere and style of the bakery. The service was also super “at-homey”. Both of the lovely ladies behind the counter were accommodating and extremely knowledgeable about the food that I was about to consume. Wait, did I say consume? I meant DEVOUR. It reminded me of the type of family owned business back home in Florida and it’s not every day that you encounter a place like that in the big city. So let me just tell y’all straight: this girl does not care about spending a few more minutes on the cardio machines at the gym if it means I get to take another trip to enjoy RareSweets. So if you ever find yourself in the District and you’re craving a little something, stop on by RareSweets. You will LOVE it!
963 Palmer Alley N.W.
Washington, D.C. 20001

♥ → Ki’Era aka Wine2TheRescue ← ♥

P.S. Here is a little bit of info pulled from the RareSweets official website about the woman behind the bakery 🙂


Meredith Tomason
Pastry Chef & CEO
Baking has been a part of Meredith’s life for as long as she can remember. The idea of opening her own dessert shop has been in her mind almost as long.

Whether from a piece of her Grandmother’s cake that they shared in her kitchen, or from a scoop of gelato that she savored as a young child living abroad, the flavor memories that Meredith gathered at a young age are imprinted in what she creates as a pastry chef today. Many of these memories are seasonal in nature, and it is with these in mind that she lovingly creates the inventive RareSweets® layer cakes and ice creams.

Although a passion for all things sweet has been with her from a young age, Meredith’s professional path was not a direct line to the world of pastry. She studied dramatic writing in college and graduate school in New York City, before trading in her pen for a whisk and enrolling in the French Culinary Institute’s Professional Pastry Arts Program.

Meredith spent time perfecting her pastry technique and honing her creativity with cakes at such bakeries as Tribeca Treats and Magnolia Bakery, before joing the pastry department of acclaimed Craft Restaurant where she got a taste for seasonal sweets. After a few years of learning and perfecting seasonal dessert composition, Meredith took the helm as Pastry Chef of Craft Restaurant.

Meredith brings all of these varying experiences and passions to the table at RareSweets. Her creativity and affinity for re-invigorating American classics with a seasonal spin is what drives her. And it is this that she hopes you enjoy at RareSweets.


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