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Accessory of The Day: Bourbon & Boweties


Hi! Happy hump dayyyy. haha. At least the week is halfway over to say the least! I wanted to share with you all know about one of my favorite brands at the moment which is Bourbon and Boweties. One of the things I like about them is their bracelets are unique and have so many styles to choose from.

Fun fact: if you’re from the central Florida area, then you may have heard of this little event called Gasparilla. It is going on in a little over a week and B & B have the perfect bangle for the occasion. In case you have no idea what I’m talking about, well let me tell you a bit about it.

Every year, for one day, everyone in the bay area dresses up like pirates, day drinks, and watches a parade/gets beads thrown at you for a couple hours. It’s basically like Mardi Gras but in Tampa instead New Orleans. It can be fun if you go with the right group of people.

I thought that these bangles were awesome to have for the day or whenever you want to accessorize with a skull and bones bracelet. Even the bangle with the pirate is a pretty good option to have as well. Decisions, decisions!

A local boutique here in the South Tampa area, Salt Pines is actually selling them. If you’re in town for Gasparilla or just want one of these bracelets, give them a call! Their store is great and has the perfect southern attire, accessories and home-goods. Have a great rest of your evening!

bourbon-and-boweties-red-skull bourbon-and-boweties-black-skull


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