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Accessory of The Day: Princess Pandora Ring

Hi y’all! Ahh can’t believe it’s Monday AGAIN. Hate it when that happens! Well recently I came upon this adorable ring from Pandora and it is a CROWN. How perfect is that?! I mean it can be an awesome accessory for yourself, a friend or a perfect Valentine’s gift. Also, if you happened to be in Greek life in college and happened to be a Zeta then you should get really get one considering it is your symbol.

You can find it any of your local Pandora shops which I’m sure they’ll have it in stock. I’m thinking I’ll need to get one for myself soon because I loveeee it and I’m not even a huge pandora fan but with this I am !!


If you’re in the St. Pete/Tampa area, Diamonds Direct is a local Pandora Shop so be sure to stop on by and see if they’ll be getting any in stock soon 😉


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