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#WCW: Sandra Lee, Miss Kay, & Paula Deen

Every girl has someone she looks up to and this week, we just so happen to have three of them who are great in the kitchen. Now I’m not the greatest at cooking but I can sure follow their recipes! I’ve always loved Sandra Lee, her shows on the Food Network along with her Cocktail Time segment. She has simple recipes that are cost effective and they are pretty tasty. In college, I was obsessed with her and had several of her cookbooks which I still do, watched her on tv alll the time and pretended I had my own cocktail time. Weird right?!


Miss Kay. I mean what’s not to adore about her? She raised a family of four kids in a tough time, funny, sweet and has a decent cookbook and show called Duck Dynasty. I’ve tried a few of her recipes and they are quite delicious and easy to make. They  are also awesome southern meals.


Speaking of the south, Paula Deen couldn’t get anymore southern. She is from Savannah, Georgia, a city that I love and find so perfect. Even if she uses a LOT of butter, you gotta admit that you still want to consume one of her meals! Paula is no longer on TV but she does have her own network online to follow. The Paula Deen Network is full of recipes, videos and much more.

Food Network's host Paula Deen


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