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Deal for Today: ClassPass


Happy Superbowl Sunday!! This should be a good matchup between the Patriots and Seahawks tonight. Both awesome teams so I’m excited to see how this game pans out. I suppose I’ll be rooting for the Pats since they had drafted Bryan Stork from FSU last year as their center and he’s been doing pretty well!

One thing these players have to be in is in shape. ClassPass is an amazing deal I found regarding fitness deals and they are finally in Tampa! I really want to try it out in the next month here in the bay area. Here’s a little more information on what ClassPass is all about.

“With ClassPass you get UNLIMITED monthly classes at the best boutique fitness studios in the Tampa metro area like The Bar Method, Pure Barre, Body Aligned, Soul Rooster, evolation yoga, and many more. Take as many classes as you want, whenever you want – with ClassPass you’ll pay just $79 per month no matter how often you workout. There’s no commitment required, and you may return to each studio up to 3 times each month!”

I mean it’s pretty much a really awesome deal to sign up and what you’re getting out of it! ClassPass did NOT contact me to write up a post about them. I chose to do so myself because I felt like I had to share with y’all this insane fitness craze going on and what better way then with this lovely option.

Sign up for ClassPass here and let us know what you think!


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