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Bloggers to Follow

Happy Saturday! Yay for weekends. Today I’m sharing with you all some of my newly found bloggers who I follow and thought you would enjoy them as much as I do. Some are healthy bloggers to preppy fashionable ones. Starting with the Food Babe, Vani Hari. She has the greatest tips, advice, and recipes on food. Vani also investigates certain food items to let you know exactly what you’re eating and how harmful so products can be to your body.

Food Babe


Chocolate Covered Katie 

Katie is a healthy dessert blogger who has great alternative ingredients for recipes. I seriously want to bake all of her desserts. They just look too good to be true!

chocolate-chip-cookie-pie2 chocolate-covered-katie3

Summer Wind 

Sydney is a southern gal just like us two here at Sweet and Southern. The name of her site came from a Frank Sinatra song so it really can’t get any better than that! Her posts are uplifting filled with prep, country club living and so much more. I think you all would really enjoy her site as much as we do. Especially if you live below the mason dixon line.


Lastly, there’s Becca Kay who has a pretty great blog for health, beauty and so much more. Her youtube is great as well for tips on food items, shopping and nutrition.



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