Southern State of Mind

NFL Draft 2015


Hope you all are having a fabulous week so far! Nothing like starting a Tuesday with a little bit of sports. Clearly, I have an addiction to football…But anyways, the NFL Draft could not come any sooner. Like I am just getting super ancy to see where all of these wonderful college players go as a professional.

Jameis Winston. Marcus Mariota. Todd Gurley. Rashad Greene. Vic Beasley. Just to name a few! All of these gentlemen are quite talented on the field. Shout out to the ACC for getting several players into the draft. I’m keeping my fingers crossed for Jameis getting picked here for the Tampa Bay Bucs since we have over 30,000 FSU alumni in the area so he would bring out a pretty big fan base to games. Plus he is like kind of an awesome QB considering he’s only LOST ONE GAME IN HIS WHOLE COLLEGE CAREER.

There are rumors going around that Mariota may end up going to the Big Apple. He is also a great QB and led his team to the National Title this year. Congrats to the ducks for getting that far in this past season. I’m sure wherever he ends up, Mariota will help out the team he gets in any way he can like he did in Oregon.

Gurley, Greene and Beasley also worked wonders this season. Gurley was a beast this year at UGA. Had some pretty goood games and can’t wait to see what’s in the future for him. How rewarding is it that Rashad Greene broke an all time receiving yards record during the Boston College game! Clemson wasn’t so bad this year either.  What are your thoughts for the NFL draft this year? Do you have any predictions for prospects?


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