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Loving Lately: Few of My Favorite Things

Hi babes. Happy Thursday! Almost to the weekend, wahoo. This week, I am just obsessing over these state bangles from Kiss My Southern SassI think they are adorable and a perfect accessory for any outfit. I’ve ordered other merchandise from KMSS before but not an accessory yet. I may just have to in the near future!


Chrisley Knows Best. This lovely little show airs on the USA Network and it is one of my favorite reality shows at the moment. The show reflects a well off southern family living in Georgia (aka my future home) and the cameras bring you into their daily lives and activities. Savannah and Chase are hilarious with some of the things they say and some of their sibling antics remind me of myself and my sister at times! Anyways, hopefully you’ll find it as funny as we do. It will definitely lighten the mood!


Ann Romney’s Cookbook. I’ve been trying to cook a lot more lately instead of eating out and not consuming the healthiest food items! Romney has decently easy recipes and some of the ingredients you already have in your pantry so readily available to bake and or cook your meal. One of my favorite recipes would have to be her peanut butter kisses cookies. So delicious!

Romney family cookbook cover

What are you loving lately?! Let us know! Have a great rest of your day!


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