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Is He or Isn’t He Interested: Are Mixed Messages Worth Decoding?

As a girl who means what she says, and says what she means, it’s tough to wrap my mind around guys who don’t follow the same logic. I was speaking with a girlfriend of mine who most recently went through the whole “I think he likes me” excitement only to get disappointed. It made me realize something that I wish more people would realize before wasting their energy. There isn’t enough analyzation in the world to know truly whether or not someone is into you unless they clearly say it. I’m not talking about suggestive looks. I’m not talking about seductive smiles. I’m not talking about he said, she said, “We should hangout sometime…”. I’m talking about, “Would you like to grab a drink tonight?” or “I would really like to take you out, how about Saturday?” The clean, the cut and the clear. Or else you’re setting yourself up for a lot of hypothetical thinking that may lead you down a long road of Google searches the likes of:

  • 3 Ways to Tell if He Likes You
  • Decoding His Body Language
  • 21 Signs He Likes You

What a waste of time if you ask me.

There are a number of books and blogs out there that entertain the idea that one can Sherlock Holmes their way into reassurance as to whether or not their crush reciprocates their feelings of attraction. Not to say that it’s all a bunch of noise. The advice presented in these texts are not completely untrue. Yes, certain behaviors can point to the likelihood that someone finds you sexually attractive. But that’s not what this is about. This is about whether that person feels those feelings strong enough to present you with what you’ve been anticipating. The potential of a relationship rather than a hook-up. The potential of a real declaration rather than a mixed message that leaves you wondering, what does that mean? And I say, it doesn’t matter.

Those mixed messages should be taken with a grain of salt. If your romantic hopeful wants the relationship to be more, they will let you know. There will be no guessing involved. There will be solid plans with solid intentions. Anything else, is unfortunately just flirting. Which doesn’t always mean that there is a desire for anything more. It just means they find you to be attractive, which is never a promise for a relationship. So give the worry a rest, it will happen if it’s meant to happen. If not, there are others out there that are happy to be more than clear with their intentions, and trust me, it’s a much easier ride with less Google searches.

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