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Kelly Kapowski Has a Cooking Show!

dinnertiffanis.40649153541.original tumblr_l3l91fMDtZ1qc2cwpo1_500

This just made my day ten times better. I heard about Tiffani Thiessen’s cooking show but had no idea exact details for it. Now it is finally here! Her show premieres on the Cooking Channel next Wednesday night at 10pm. Thiessen will show you some of her favorite recipes and even have celebrity guest appearances at her table.

I am super excited to learn more interesting meals for every day cooking with simple ingredients. If you’re not a 80s/early 90s baby, then you probably have no idea who Kelly Kapowski is. Well it is a character Tiffani played on a sitcom Saved By The Bell and I was a tad obsessed with Kelly hence my freakout for her own show! #KellyandZackForever #90sAreAllThat #hashtag #Itsalmosttheweekend

Anyways, don’t forget to check out her show next week and let me know what you think. I’ll obviously be tuning in!


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