Southern State of Mind

Makeup Clean Up on Aisle…My Apartment!

Okay so I totally tried to make a joke with the title of this post but not sure if y’all got it haha. Anyways, OH MY GOODNESS, Happy Saint Patrick’s Day! Can you believe this holiday is already here? Do you have special plans for today for after work or if you’re still in college, then you can just skip class…JK don’t do that. Go to class then go out and celebrate!

Anywho, I recently cleaned out my makeup since I noticed my face was starting to getting irritated by some of the products. Not sure if you knew already but makeup DOES have an expiration on it. I never paid too much attention to those rules because I thought it was all lies and makeup can last forever…lies I told myself! I found a pretty good Allure article covering all you need to know on when to toss your blush, mascara, lipstick, etc.

I also re-organized my makeup aka my face so here’s a picture of all of my favorite products below. It’s always good to keep all of your products organized so you don’t have to rummage through all of your powders just to get to an eyeliner. Plus, I’m super OCD so I like to rearrange it every so often 😉


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