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Throw What You Know! Etsy Brag Time :-)

Now that I have my new VW Tiguan all FSU decked out on the inside, I knew it was time to take care of the outside. And where else is there to go besides Etsy to find the most creative car decals there are out there? I AM IN LOVE with all three of the beautiful decals that I ordered to show my Florida State & Alpha Gamma Delta love, so I must brag on these shops.




This lovely picture that you see above is an example of their Monogram State Vinyl Decal! Currently the decals are available for Florida, Georgia and Alabama. So if you’re reppin’ any of those states, this decal is a steal at only $10.00!



I was soooo excited to get this item in y’all! There’s nothing more that us southern college girls love more than her college, a tall glass of wine and accessorizing with bows <3. You can’t tell me that their FSU with bow decal isn’t as cute as can be! I can’t wait to drive around D.C. and show off my Nole pride!



Last but certainly not least is TheShopSorority’s Sorority Decal/Sticker – Hand Sign! Oh my goodness, oh my goodness, oh my goodness! We all know how much a sorority girl loves slapping her letters on the back of her vehicle, but add in your hand sign and you’ve taken it to a whole other level of fabulous. Can I get an Amen! for this amazingness? I think so.

Check out their Etsy shops and make a few purchases of your own. There are plenty of other decals to choose from and the quality of service from these shops is amazing. I received all of my orders literally within a few days. Nothing like getting a highly anticipated item in the mail sooner than later!

♥ → Ki’Era aka Wine2TheRescue ← ♥


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