Southern State of Mind

Beachin’ It: Siesta Key

IMG_9365It’s Friday Funday! If you’re in the Tampa bay area and you haven’t been to Siesta Key yet, you need to go. I went last weekend for the first time to the beach. I’ve only been out to the restaurants over there which are pretty good! I love the beach, sunshine and some good daiquiris 😉 IMG_9371 I met up with my friend and we got to tan, walk around, eat and shop. It turned out to be a gorgeous day and a lot of fun. I loved getting away from Tampa for the day. Our first stop was the beach of course. The water was a little cold since it’s still early in the year but the snowbirds were frolicking around in it so at least it worked out for someone haha. After getting some sun, we stopped by Daiquiri Deck for some grub. The both of us got 2 for 1’s and I had gotten a fried grouper sandwich with fries. So yummy! Before I hit the road, I stopped by Subzero Ice Cream for a sweet treat. This shop was pretty cool. They make their ice cream with nitrogen and you have the choice to choose the consistency of your cream. For example, you can get it as ice cream, lactose free, almond milk, yogurt, custard, etc. I got mine made out of almond milk which was dairy free and tasted amazing with the brownie batter flavor! IMG_9379 If you ever stop by any of these places, let me know what you think! Have a great weekend and Easter!IMG_9380


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