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Accessory of The Day: Lokai Bracelet

lokai_bracelet_classic_frontGood morning! Hope you all are having a great week. I’m finally back from my trip to Charleston and I have several blog posts coming up about South Carolina so be on the lookout for them. Anywho, today I am just loving this Lokai bracelet. I’ve been wanting to purchase one for awhile and I finally found one in Charleston!

The background of the bracelet:

  • Made from the highest and lowest points of the earth
  • Contains water from Mt. Everest
  • Black bead contains mud from the Dead Sea

The point of this bracelet is to promote a balanced life and think positively on where you’re going in this journey. You can find this lovely accessory in some boutiques or online at Lokai’s website.

What are you loving lately as an accessory? Would love to hear from you all! xx


2 thoughts on “Accessory of The Day: Lokai Bracelet”

  1. I’m going to Charleston for the 4th and I was thinking about buying one before I leave but I saw your post and was wondering where in Charleston you found one at?


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