You're As Sweet As Pie

Peninsula Grill in Charleston

I promised some write ups from my Charleston trip and here’s my first one! Our first night we got into town, we had gone to dinner at the Peninsula Grill. The food and service was pretty good along with the decor.

I would recommend going and trying out some of their entrees if you get a chance to. I started off with a Prosecco and an app. We ordered several dishes so I will try my best to remember on what they all were 😉 For an appetizer, I had a Lobster & Corn Bisque which was as good as it sounds! There was also a palette cleanser before our meals which was refreshing.

We all ordered desserts which is one of my favorite meals of any time of the day, for obvious reasons… We devoured ours pretty quickly between the truffles, macaron, vanilla bean creme brulee, and banana panna cotta pudding. I mean it all sounds delicious right?! I wish I could have a meal like this every day! Hope you all have a good rest of your Thursday!!




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