You're As Sweet As Pie

“Honey, I’m Home!” …with some Honey!

Yes, I did try to make a joke with the title of this blog post…haha. I hope you are laughing with me rather than at me! Anyways, happy Friday! To start the day, I wanted to share with you all one of my favorite shops in Charleston. It is Savannah Bee Company. Yes, it originated in Savannah but they have several locations. If you like honey as much as I do then you would really enjoy this store. They have so many options for honey and types of them. There are many ways to use honey that I didn’t even really think of.

Also, another perk of this store, is you get to try as many as you would like to. It really helps with making a decision of what to get so you know whether or not you would enjoy the taste and flavor in your meals. From grilling to baking to tea to baking, there is a wide variety of what you can incorporate this sweet jar of goodness with. I ended up getting the Charleston Honey and Winter Spread. I love a sweet flavor and taste so that’s why I picked those and I pretty much use honey a LOT in my food which probably isn’t too great for me because of all the sugar but you only live once soo why not!

Did I mention that they sell honeycomb?! IT IS SO GREAT. I wish I got some but we already had a bagful of honey and I couldn’t add anymore to our hoarding on this trip.




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