Southern State of Mind

The Battery in Charleston

Good morning y’all! I have so much to share with you regarding my recent trip to South Carolina. I really fell in love with the city of Charleston up there and their wonderful southern hospitality. One spot I really enjoyed was The Battery. There are gorgeous houses along the water with so much history along with The Battery who also has history of being a civil-war coastal defense artillery battery. Pretty interesting right?

My sister and I got to sight see this wonderful area and had a tour of Nathaniel Russell’s home. Russell was a very wealthy shipping merchant and is home is one of the most well known in the neoclassical eras. The house is restored but they kept most of it to it’s condition from back in the day. I really enjoyed that factor since restoring a home can just change the whole interior of it completely. The tour of the home was great and I learned many interesting facts during the neoclassical era and the city of Charleston. Now here are a million pictures we took of the area. It was just too pretty to capture it all!




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