Southern State of Mind

Reality Junkie…Only For a Few!

Okay soo I have gotten myself into a few reality shows lately and I’m probably late to the party for a few of them but I don’t really care! haha. Anyways, I have no idea why but I just started getting into the Real Housewives of New York because it’s so dramatic and a great way to escape reality. I am also obsessed with Bethenny Frankel. I’ve always liked her products of Skinny Girl and as a business woman. I am currently reading her new book on relationships which isn’t too bad either!


Secondly, I really really like Southern Charm. One I just started watching it right before I went to Charleston and I didn’t even know it was filmed there…weird! The cast is a lot of fun to watch and my favorites would have to be Cameran and Craig. I mean Craig isn’t too bad to look at either 😉 haha.


Knife Fight on Esquire Network. Why yes I am a girl who likes to watch Esquire Network. I really like several of their programs too. Knife Fight is on that list. Two chefs compete against each other with surprise ingredients. No prize money, just either a small or large knife saying that you won. It’s really entertaining and I love food so I could watch this all day! Fun fact, Ilan Hall (the host) was on Top Chef and is the owner of The Gorbals Restaurant so he knows a thing or two on what he’s doing!



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