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Vineyard Vines in SC

I finally got to see a Vineyard Vines storefront and it was so worth it! For their point of sale, VV had a boat for their POS. It was pretty awesome. I also got myself a couple of steals aka a dress and blouse. 

Of course, I already wore the dress..I mean how could I not? It was super comfy and cute. Although, VV does have a store in Florida,  it’s not really around the corner for me to go to. I was glad it was down the street from me! 

Luckily, I got to browse EVERYTHING for a good 30 minutes or so…I am a girl so obviously I took awhile! I was that person who was taking pictures of the store so here are some from my shopping trip. Enjoy! 



I also found a signature Lilly Pulitzer shop. I got my dress for the wedding there…what better excuse to buy something 😉 



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