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Doing Touristy Things! #PedalBitches

Okayyyy so who doesn’t like being a tourist and doing those weird things while visiting a different town? I love it! Anywho, we all got to do a slow ride which was a lot of fun. It was my first time ever participating on this endeavor. What it is: you pedal around on a mini bicycle thingie. I can’t think of the name and drawing a blank but in the picture below, you’ll know exactly what I mean!

We had a tour guide who told us history about Savannah while pedaling around and making some stops for cocktails and sightseeing historic sites. Remember that movie, Forrest Gump & how he quoted his mama saying “Life’s like a box of chocolates, ya never know what you’re gonna get.” One of our stops was there at Chippewa Square. Pretty stoked that I got see where Tom Hanks once was years ago.

IMG_0104 IMG_0105 IMG_0115 IMG_0116 IMG_0118 IMG_0121 IMG_0122 IMG_0123


4 thoughts on “Doing Touristy Things! #PedalBitches”

  1. wow that looks great. The photos look lovely! Sounds like you had a really good time!

    I love being a tourist. It’s so much fun! I remember when I stayed (She lives there) in Rome, and she was cringing at the idea of me buying a “I heart Roma” top. Course, I bought it and wore it whilst I was there heheh! xxx


      1. Yeah definitely! Im going to Prague next month, and even though it’s a university trip for this massive theatre event, I’m taking the chance to visit places in Prague 🙂 Rome was incredible! Especially with a proper Italian family:) haha xx


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