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Mac & Cheese Festival 

Good morning to my wonderful followers!! Last weekend, I went to a Macaroni and Cheese Festival here in the Tampa Bay Area. Yes, you heard that correctly. It was amazing and so worth it. I got to try several different takes on mac and cheese from local restaurants. 

You could also get some lovely beverages to drink as well. After eating five different kinds of this lovely pasta, we got to vote on our favorite kind. There were a couple that stood out to me but the my top choice was from Eats Restaurant and they combined crawfish in their mac and cheese. Amazingggg. I love crawfish so this was a pretty good combo! Clearly, they had my vote 😉 

My other choice was macaroni with jalapeño, BBQ brisket topped with BBQ chips. I don’t think I really need to elaborate on this anymore do I?! 

Anywho, I can’t wait till next year and to try more awesome macaroni and cheese. An American food staple. Holy Hog won two years in a row which I can’t complain since their macaroni was quite delicious as well! 



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