You're As Sweet As Pie

Burger Showdown 

Good morning!! It’s been a few days since I’ve blogged so today is the day where I post something scrumptious! Haha yes I used the word scrumptious.  This past weekend I had gone to a burger showdown in my hometown, Tampa.

It was a pretty cool event and I’m glad I got to attend. Basically, it was similar to the Mac and Cheese Festival but with burgers. There were quite a few vendors and plenty of food to choose from.

I only tried three burgers but that was more than enough! The restaurants my friend and I ate from were Wicked Witches, Eats American Grill and PJ Dolans. My favorite would have to be from Eats. They had their Vincemt Jackson burger which was topped with pork, pepper jack cheese, BBQ sauce and so much more amazingness.

The atmosphere was also pretty good along with a live band, The Springs. I suggest y’all check them out! We then ended the night with yummy Popsicles from Whatever Pops food truck. I treated myself with an Earl Grey Lavender Lemonade Popsicle. Totally worth it! I can’t wait to see what next year has in store for food festivals in the Bay Area 😉



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