You're As Sweet As Pie

An Organic Brunch at Boca Kitchen Bar & Market 

One of my favorite parts of the weekend is brunch. I mean you can’t really go wrong with that meal of the day right? Well I found one of my new favorite spots in Tampa for brunch and they’re menu is organic too. 

Boca Kitchen Bar & Market is the place to be. The service and food were amazing and they even sell freshly made jams and more that are available to purchase at the restaurant. So if you happen to order a menu item that has a certain ingredient then you could even walk out with it after your meal! 

I started with their Namaste cocktail which had acai berry vodka, carrot juice and some more yumminess that I can’t remember off the top of my head. My sister ordered their basil lemonade which was really refreshing as well. 

For our brunches, we both shared the BBQ Pulled Pork Benedict and the Hangover Panini. The panini had bacon, sausage, Gruyere, cartelized onions, and scrambled chicken eggs. It was all soooo goooood. I don’t know how but I ate my whole meal and even had some dessert. I do not know how my stomach could have handled all that food hahah but it was worth it. 


To end our afternoon, we then proceeded to quench our sweet teeth with beet cake and fruit cobbler. There were obviously leftovers because at this point, there was no way we were able to finish the dessert. If you’re from Tampa or live in the area, you should really check Boca out. 

Fun fact, the building used to be a gas station in the twenties so it was really cool to see the layout and how they used the space! 


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