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Foodies Everywhere Beware of TalkToChef

It’s time for the weekend again and making some good homemade meals. If you’re like me, the week can get busy and you either order out for lunch or dinner or sometimes skip a meal which is NOT good. This website is pretty great and easily available to you at any hour of the day.

TalkToChef is a website where:

A variety of chefs worldwide are ready to help you immediately

Pick a cuisine, cooking method, or diet and we’ll instantly connect you with the chef you need

Get your cooking questions answered via a live video chat, rate the chef, and leave a tip

Sounds pretty legit right? Whenever, I try the video on my computer, it won’t let me connect. Gotta love wifi and apartment complexes 😦 But I LOVE this site and everything about it. I’m working on my webcam and video situation fixed so I can use the site completely as a whole. Let me know if you TRY it out and what YOU think. I love being in the kitchen and cooking so I find this site VERY helpful. Happy FriYAY!!


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